involves fixing small events within a match which can be gambled upon, but which are unlikely to prove decisive in determining the final result of the game.
Occasionally, teams have been accused of deliberately playing to a draw or a fixed scored. We provide Asian Handicap, 1x2 Fixed Odds and Correct-Score Forecast services.
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In organized sports, match fixing or game fixing occurs when a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result. Games that are deliberately lost are sometimes called thrown games. When a team intentionally loses a game to obtain a perceived future competitive advantage rather than gamblers being involved, the team is often said to have tanked the game instead of having thrown it. Thrown games, when motivated by gambling, require contacts and money transfers between gamblers, players, team officials, and referees. Often, substitutions made by the coach designed to deliberately increase the team's chances of losing (frequently by having one or more key players sit out, often using minimal or phantom injuries as a public excuse for doing this), rather than ordering the players actually on the field to intentionally underperform, were cited as the main factor in cases where tanking has been alleged.

Match-fixing generally refers to fixing the final result of the game. . . . Welcome to

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Molde vs Sandefjord
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FC Zuerich vs Lugano
Date : 29th May 2023
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Game fixing is a reality and the bettors imbibe this reality the hardest way. They lose money to thrown games where teams deliberately lose matches for professional gains. Sometimes coaches make last minute changes in the team to achieve desired results. What are these results? Bettors want to eavesdrop in the dressing room to listen to the secret conversation between bookmakers and coaches. Winners buy fixed match tips provided by insiders.

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The major motivations behind match fixing are gambling and future team advantage. Match fixing is often motivated by agreements with bookmaking syndicates.

Europe are almost constantly dealing with allegations of players accepting bribes and syndicates often tried to manipulate the outcome with large amounts of money.

Global Soccer Match-Fixing

Europol reveals match-fixing

Europol uncovers match-fixing


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